For starters, what exactly does the elusive term “branding” really mean? We hear it and see it all the time, but it can be hard to put a finger on. So let’s keep it simple. Your branding is the essence of your business. It’s your mission, your goals and the reason you do what you do tied into an easily understood message. Not just a cool logo (although those are nice too). It is something that resonates with your employees and clients when they think of the name of your company.

Although this definition may seem simple, branding is truly not that difficult when placed in the proper hands that can capture the vision of your company in a way that makes it evident to your consumers.

Now, let’s talk about why proper branding is one of the greatest assets in your business:


You will stand out if you do or miss out if you don’t. Chances are high that most of your competition has branded itself one way or the other and have sent a clear message to either their current or perspective clients. In the age of transparency, having a clear message is vital to stand out from your competition and draw the right clients to your business. Here is where you have the opportunity to speak toward what makes you different and most valuable and speak to your dream clients.



Sell your value. If your company is a small-to-medium sized business (SMB), it is likely that your business (and you) wear a lot of hats. This can be confusing to a prospective client who has yet to become familiar with your business. Your brand explains to your customer clearly the problem that you solve and how you do it. Branding sells your value. It is a true extension of your business. Without branding how do we know what you do and how you can make our lives easier? This is where your customers fall in love with your brand and develop a sense of loyalty and dependency on you over all of your competitors.


Make an impression. Ever heard the rule that a first impression is made within the first 10 seconds? Or that an employer knows within the first 10 seconds of meeting a candidate that they subconsciously decide whether or not they want to hire them? Same rule applies to your company. Think of your brand as your resume, cover letter and work samples all combined into one. If your prior experience and goals resonate with a consumer at first glance, you are far more likely to have a new customer. Let’s say it together- You. Are. Hired!


Now that you may be getting some ideas as to how you want your brand to stand out, it’s time to talk strategy. Need guidance? Pivotal Media Solutions is here to help.

Our passionate consultants are eager to capture your vision and strategize the most effective ways to help you. We like to think of ourselves as a “boutique” media and marketing firm that can take on projects both big and small and cater them to your every need!



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